Debt Settlement in Bossier City & Shreveport, LA

Settle Your Debts Once and for All

If you’re dealing with student loan, medical debt or any other kind of debt, call TLC Credit Counseling LLC immediately. We know how easy it is to accumulate a lot of debt. Our certified credit counselor will create a plan to help reduce the amount you owe. Once we’ve assessed your situation, we’ll help you enroll in a loan forgiveness plan that will allow you to pay off your debt easily. You’ll experience peace of mind knowing you won’t be buried in debt for life.

Call 318-230-4830 now to start your new debt-free life in.

We Offer Debt Counseling, Too

It’s easy to get in debt, but not everyone knows how to get out of it efficiently. If you feel like you’re up to your elbows in payments, call TLC Credit Counseling now. Through our debt counseling service, we’ll explain how you can reduce your payments and manage your accounts successfully. You can rest assured that you’re working with a skilled credit counselor who will help you reduce your debt.

Schedule a debt counseling consultation to repair your credit by calling us ASAP.