Do you work in a field such as Real Estate, Mortgage Lending, Auto Financing, Salesman of any big item that requires financing (vehicles, RV's, ATV's, furniture, etc)?

Then we can help you, too!

Everyone in these fields has potential clients that come to you to purchase and their credit isn't "purchase ready." This is where we can help! Send us your client that needs some help getting their credit score up, getting their debt under control, manage their finances, get something fixed on their credit report, get something paid off, or anything else related to their credit or finances, and we will send that client back to you READY TO PURCHASE!

We have many referral partners, in various industries, and we work together wonderfully. They send me their clients that need help, I help them, send them back ready to buy and I also send them clients that want their service or product that they didn't refer to us. We split our clients up, that need your service or product, amongst our referral partners, to help them get more business too!


Each client you send us, you get $15 cash!

And YOUR CLIENT GETS A DISCOUNT JUST FOR BEING REFERRED! Every client that is referred to us from a referral partner gets a $50 discount off of our services! And we send you bi monthly updates (twice a month) of how all of your referrals are doing and how soon we think they will be ready to buy.

It pays to be a Referral Partner of TLC !